Overwriting messages that use validation rules

If an expected message contains one or more fields that use validation rules, you must specify how to handle the rules when you overwrite the message from the Test Repair Wizard or from the console.

  • Retain the Rules: The message is overwritten but the status of any rules on the message is not changed.
  • Disable the Rules: The message is overwritten and all cached rules in use by the selected message are disabled.
  • Cancel: The message is not overwritten and the operation is canceled. In this case, further investigation is probably required.
  • Always retain the rules: If selected, taking the same action (that is, overwriting a message that uses validation rules) in the future will result in overwriting the message and leaving unchanged the status of any rules on the message. This option sets an application preference that can be modified under the Message Comparison area of the Preferences dialog (see Changing preferences).