Domino Restyle updates an application's UI elements with a color-coordinated, cleaner look and feel. With Restyle, only UI elements are updated; no code is modified.

To access the Restyle option, select File > Application > Restyle for a selected application or workspace icon. Designer access to the application is required to use Restyle.

For more information, see Domino Restyle for Notes applications in the Notes documentation.
Note: Restyle is available initially only in English; therefore, the browser language must be set to English for Restyle to appear.
The following sections describe Restyle features available with Nomad for web browsers:

Launch property features

If your application does not launch to a frameset, on the Launch property tab in the Restyle dialog you can choose to include the necessary components for the application to launch to a frameset. The frameset includes an application name area, an outline area, a server location area, and a content area. These components are copied in from a template shipped with the product, and then customized for your application by the restyle process.
launch property dialog box
If your application does launch to a frameset, but not all of the frames have mapping assignments, the Confirm mapping tab is still shown, but there is an additional option to allow you to update the launch property. Nothing is removed from your application if you choose this option, but the new components are copied from the template, and the application's launch property is updated to match the new design.

If your application launches to a frameset, and all the frames have been mapped, the option to convert to a standardized frameset is not shown.