1. Pick one or more 1201 Fix Pack 1 or higher Domino servers to install on.
  2. If you are upgrading Nomad server for Domino, please ensure that Nomad is not running (tell nomad quit) and prepare the /nomad-files sub-directory of the Domino program directory for the Nomad for web browsers update:
    1. (Optional): Backup the files and subdirectories of /nomad-files.
    2. Delete /nomad-files.
    • The default Domino program directory for Linux is /opt/hcl/domino/notes/latest/linux/.
    • The default Domino program directory for Windows is C:\Program Files\HCL\Domino.
  3. Download and extract the corresponding zip/tar file for your platform into the Domino program directory.
  4. Start the Nomad task (load nomad). There should be no need to restart the Domino server itself.
Note: For Linux, extract as root. Otherwise, fix ownership and permissions of files after extraction.