Prerequisites and system requirements

System requirements

  • Domino 12.0.1FP1 or higher on Windows or Linux

Client requirements

  • Nomad for web browsers 1.0.5 or higher
  • Nomad for iOS 1.0.23 or higher
  • Nomad for Android 1.0.31 or higher

Hardware/Software/Memory requirements

See: Domino Requirements.

Set up Domino ID Vault

Make sure a Domino ID vault is configured on a Domino 12 or higher server. Nomad user IDs will be stored in the vault. See the following topics in the Domino documentation:

Decide on TLS certificates

  • Acquire a trusted TLS certificate for the Nomad server for Domino.
  • For use behind SafeLinx or another reverse proxy that terminates TLS, the random certificate generated by the Nomad server for Domino on startup should be sufficient, but startup times will improve if you configure a static certificate.