Using Message Recall

You can recall a message that you have sent to recipients who use the web client or HCL Notes® mail. This is useful when you want to update or correct information that you sent in a message.

About this task

Message recall works only if you are using the Version 8 mail application template, Mail8.ntf or later, and if both you and the message recipient have mail files on an HCL Domino® V8 or later server.
Note: If you are receiving a recall was not allowed status message, the message recipient may have disabled the preference to allow message recall, or the administrator has not enabled this feature for the files on your mail server. See Mail preferences to learn how to set a Mail preference to prevent others from recalling a message that is sent to you.


  1. From the Sent view, click a message to select it.
  2. Click Recall Message.
  3. In the Recall Message dialog box, select the recipients from which to recall the message.
  4. Choose any of the additional options, and then click OK.