Using the To Do list

You can create and manage your personal and group To Do items from the To Do list. You can also display your To Do items in your calendar. In the calendar view, they appear after the date bar and before the time slots.


  1. To open the To Do list, click To Do icon.
  2. Perform any of the tasks listed in Table 1.
    Table 1. To Do list tasks

    Task Steps
    Create an item Click New. Then add information into the available fields on the form.

    By default a new item will be a Personal To Do item. To create a Group To Do item, click the text on the Personal To Do tab. This will open a drop-down list to select Group To Do. When you assign a group item to others, they have the option to accept or decline the assignment.

    Click the Repeat tab, and then select Set Repeat to specify any repeat options. Keep the following information in mind:
    • You can change the status of an instance or the priority, but you cannot change the repeat frequency.
    • You cannot update an attachment in a repeating To Do entry. If you also use HCL Notes®, and you update an attachment to a repeating to do entry in Notes®, you may receive warnings when you try to access these entries in the web client.
    • You cannot make an existing To Do item a repeating item. You must set the repeat at the time you create it.
    Open an item Double-click an item in one of the To Do views or in your Calendar.
    Edit an item Open a To Do entry and change the status or the priority. If the entry is a repeat entry, select the instance you want to edit.
    Display or hide items in calendar views Go to Preferences > Calendar > Display. Under Displaying Calendar entries in Calendar Views, check or clear the option Do not display To Do Entries.