Working with the calendar

See the following table for descriptions of commonly-performed calendar tasks.

Click Calendar icon to open and work with your calendar.

Table 1. Calendar tasks
Task Steps
Create a calendar entry - such as an appointment, all-day event, reminder, anniversary, or meeting invitation - that will display in your calendar.
Note: Administrators can set a maximum size or quota for mail files. If your mail file has a quota and you reach it, you cannot create a mail message or calendar entry.
  1. Click New, and then select the type of calendar entry to create.
  2. Type a short description in the Subject field.
  3. Depending on the entry type, specify the date, start time and end time and, if enabled, time zone.
  4. (Optional) Use the Remind me fields to set an alarm for the entry.
  5. (Optional) Select Available in the Show as field to tentatively add the entry to your calendar, but keep the time period open in your free time schedule.
  6. (Optional) Select Mark Private to prevent people who have access to your calendar from reading the entry. People who can manage your calendar can see the times but not the contents of confidential entries.
Edit calendar entries that you created or have access to edit. Double-click the entry. If you cannot edit, then you did not create the entry nor do you have access to edit it.
Edit the subject of a calendar entry inline on your calendar, without opening the entry. Click the subject of a calendar entry once to select it in the view, and then click the subject again to edit the text.
Change the time of an entry directly in a calendar view. Drag the calendar entry to a new time in any calendar view that has time slots (One Day, Two Days, One Week, and One Work Week), or to a new day, in calendar views that show day slots (Two Weeks and One Month).
Note: You might not be able to use the inline editing or drag and drop features if your administrator has not enabled them.
Set repeat options when you create a calendar entry. Click Repeats and specify repeat options.
Note: To make an entry repeat more than once per day, create separate repeating entries for each time.
Edit a repeating calendar entry Double-click the entry, make and save your changes, and specify the repeat instances which the changes apply.
Note: You cannot update or edit attachments in repeating calendar entries. In addition, you should not update attachments using the HCL Notes® client if you will also be using the Notes client to interact with these entries. If you do so, you may get warning messages the next time you try to access or update these entries using the web client.
Add one or more external calendars, such as a Google calendar, to your main calendar so you can view entries from multiple calendars at one time.
Note: Your administrator must configure this feature to make it available to you. If available, you must be online to add an external calendar.
  1. In your calendar sidebar, next to My Calendars, click Add.
  2. Complete the required fields, and click OK.
Note: You can also view external calendars in the Day-At-A-Glance sidebar, adding the external entries so that all calendar entries are shown on your main calendar. Click the Day-At-A-Glance menu, and then choose Show My Calendars.