Filtering entries in a calendar view

To decrease clutter in the calendar, you can choose which types of entries to show on the calendar.

About this task

Click Show in the calendar window for a drop-down menu with the following options.
Table 1. Calendar filter options
Filter Action
Filter by Chair Type the name of the person to view only meetings chaired by that person.
Filter by Type Select which type of calendar entry to show.
Filter by Status Select to display meeting invitations by their status: Accepted, Tentatively Accepted, or Draft.
Filter by Private Select to view only entries that cannot be seen by others who have access to your calendar.
View all Select to view all entries on your calendar.
Calendar Summary Click this to view a summary of your entries, rather than viewing the calendar grid.
Calendar Footer Click this to view ISO information at the end of your calendar. Set a calendar display preference to determine the type of footer.
Note: You can also display a summary of the day's calendar entries. Click Show, and then click Sidebar. Optionally, drag the Day-At-A-Glance panel for a larger view.