Creating and using stationery

You can use the stationery you have created to send messages and to create additional stationery.

About this task

Expand the Tools view, and then click Stationery to perform any of these tasks described in Table 1.

Table 1. Tasks for creating and using stationery

Task Steps
Create new stationery with text or graphics and a recipient list that you can re-use for your mail messages. This is convenient when you frequently send a message, such as a status report, in the same format to the same people. Stationery you create is saved in the Stationery view of your mail.

Click New Stationery. Complete the message form as you would when you create a new message, including any of the following:

  • Recipients
  • Delivery options (such as priority or delivery reports)
  • Subject
  • Introductory text
  • Graphics
  • Attachments
  • (Optional) If you automatically include your signature at the end of messages, you can change or remove the signature for this stationery.

Click Save & Close, and then type a name for your stationery if you want it to be something other than the subject line you have entered.

Create a message using existing stationery Select the stationery you want to use, and then click the arrow next to New and choose New Message with Stationery.
Edit stationery Select the stationery you want to change, and then click Edit icon.

Make any changes to the stationery, and then click Save & Close.

Create stationery from a message you are creating You can use the fields you have completed in a new message form to create stationery.

Click the arrow next to More, and then click Save as Stationery.