Using mail delivery options

You can select one or more delivery options such as whether to confirm delivery of a message with a delivery report and whether to mark a message confidential.


To create a message, you can specify delivery options by clicking Delivery Options. Then use one or more of these options:
Table 1. Mail delivery options
Option Explanation
Delivery Report Choose how you want to confirm delivery of a message:
  • Only on failure -- send a report only if the message cannot be delivered.
  • Confirm delivery -- send a report whether your message was delivered or not. You can use this for a "return receipt."
  • Trace entire path -- send a report from each server through which the message is routed, and a final report indicating whether the message was delivered.
  • None -- do not send a delivery report.
Delivery Priority Choose one:
  • High -- Route the message immediately and display High priority icon next to the message in each recipient's Inbox.
  • Normal -- Route the message the next time your mail server sends mail (default).
  • Low -- Wait until off-peak hours to route the message (usually between midnight and 6:00 AM).
Mark Subject Confidential Adds a prefix to the subject of the message to indicate that the message is confidential. The prefix is *Confidential:.
Do not expand personal groups Prevents recipients of the message from seeing the membership of a personal group receiving the message. Upon receipt, the personal group does not expand in the received message.
Sign Digitally sign a message.
Note: This setting overrides your Mail security option preference for this message only.
Encrypt Encrypt the message.
Note: This setting overrides your Mail security option preference for this message only.
Return Receipt You receive a message that confirms the recipient has opened the message.
Note: This option works only if the recipient opens your message using IBM® iNotes® or IBM Notes®.
Keep Private Prevents a Notes or iNotes mail user from forwarding, replying to, copying into a new document, or printing this message.
Note: This does not prevent a user from selecting the text and copying it, or from using a screen capture utility.
Note: If the Sign and Encrypt options are not available, see your administrator.