Ultra-light mode Quick Reference

IBM iNotes ultra-light mode provides a set of icons to help you quickly complete tasks.

Table 1. Home page icons
Icon Description
Inbox icon on ultra-light Home page Opens the Inbox view
All Documents icon on ultra-light Home page Opens the All Documents view
Sent view icon on ultra-light Home page Opens the Sent view
Trash icon on ultra-light mobile Home page Opens the Trash folder
Day-At-A-Glance icon on ultra-light mobile Home page Opens the Day-At-A-Glance calendar
Note: The current date displays on this icon.
Contacts icon on ultra-light mobile Home page Opens your contacts
Count of unread mail on ultra-light mobile Home page Shows unread count on Inbox icon (which also displays in the Inbox view)
Table 2. Navigation and general icons
Icon Description
Previous icon Selects previous page or item
Next icon Selects next page or item
More information icon Shows more information
Home page icon Returns to the Home page
Return to parent view icon, which shows the parent view name Returns to the parent view which, in this case, is the Home page
Refresh icon Refreshes the view to show any updates
Trash can icon Deletes selected item

Icons in a circle are actionable. That is, you can touch to dial on a smart phone or to send a message on an iPod Touch. You can also click to send a message on your computer or hover the cursor over an icon to view a phone number.

Table 3. Contacts icons
Icon Description
New contact icon Creates a contact record
New contact group icon Creates a mailing list group
Edit contact icon Opens a contact record to edit
Open envelope icon Shows default email address
Business icon Shows business or work phone number
Cell phone icon Shows mobile or cell phone number
Pager icon Shows pager phone number
Home page icon Returns to the Home page
Table 4. Mail icons
Icon Description
New message icon Creates a message
View management on switch Turns view management mode on
Tip: Select a message and then select an action from the list.
View management off switch Turns view management mode off
View management action icon Performs a view management action on selected documents
Attachments icon Shows the number of attachments in message
Tip: Click the link to jump to the attachment area.
Mark message unread icon Marks an open message unread
Empty trash icon Empties trash in the Trash view
Restore from trash icon Restores a message from the Trash view to its original view
Delete from trash icon Deletes a message from the Trash view, permanently removing the message
Table 5. Day-At-A-Glance view entry type icons
Icon Description
Accepted meeting icon Meeting invitation you accepted
All day event icon All day event
Private entry icon Private entry
Appointment icon Appointment
Anniversary icon Anniversary
Reminder icon Reminder
Unaccepted invitation icon Meeting invitation you have not responded to yet
Table 6. Mail view message type icons
Icon Description
Draft mail icon Draft mail
Sent mail icon Sent mail
Unread mail icon Unread mail
Meeting invitation icon New meeting invitation
Cancelled meeting icon Cancelled meeting
Invitee acceptance icon Invitation an invitee accepted
Invitee declined icon Invitation an invitee declined
Accepted meeting icon Invitation you accepted
Declined meeting icon Invitation you declined
Rescheduled meeting icon Rescheduled meeting
Countered meeting icon Countered meeting
Meeting information icon Meeting information updated
Meeting tentatively accepted icon Meeting tentatively accepted
Completed to do icon Completed to do item
Important message icon Important message
Table 7. Home page access keys
Task Keyboard key
Go to Inbox I (the letter i)
Go to Day-At-A-Glance D
Go to Contacts C
Go to Sent S
Go to All Documents A
Go to Trash T
Show About information B
Go to Help H
Log out L
Access key map K
Table 8. General access keys
Task Keyboard key
Go to next page of documents X
Go to previous page of documents Z
Go to Home page O
Go to next breadcrumb link B
Compose or create new document N
Edit document E
Save or send document S
Cancel operation C
Indicate you are done with operation D
Go to beginning T
Go to Help H
Log out L
Note: Not all access keys are available from all pages.