Using the iNotes Control

The iNotes® Control (also known as iNotes ActiveX Attachment Control or iNotes ActiveX Attachment File Utility) enables additional mail and file management features for users of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer.


When you work with mail attachments or open Preferences, you are prompted to choose if you want to use the iNotes Control. (Note that your administrator can disable this feature). If you do, you see prompts that enable you to download and install it. For details, see the article iNotes ActiveX Attachment Control install sequence on the Support site.


After installing the control, you can take any of the following actions.

Table 1. Actions enabled by iNotes Control
To Do the following
Send a file from Windows Explorer or desktop Right-click on the file in Windows Explorer or desktop and in the drop-down menu, select Send to > Mail recipient. iNotes launches the email form with the attachment in place.
Note: If you are not logged in to iNotes, you are prompted to log in and then you see the email.
Send email from the Start menu Click Start > Run. In the Run dialog box, type mailto: <Internet address>. iNotes launches the email.
Note: If you are not logged in to iNotes, you are prompted to log in and then you see the email.
Manage attachments
  • Select multiple files to attach to an email.
  • Detach and save multiple attachments.1
  • Open a file attachment by double-clicking it. You no longer need to save the file first.
  • Select multiple files and drag them to Windows Explorer or the desktop.1
Make iNotes the default email client1
  1. Click the drop down menu at the top-right of the iNotes page on which your name is shown and select Preferences.
  2. At the bottom of the Preferences Basics page, under Default Mail Client, click Make Default.
  3. (Windows 10 only) Choose Settings > Apps > Default apps > Email and select iNotes 9 Control.
1 Also requires these steps: from Internet Explorer, click Internet Options > Security and add the Domino server on which iNotes runs to the list of trusted sites.