Organizing your Inbox

Organizing your inbox includes using folders to organize messages, marking messages as read or unread without opening the message, flagging messages for follow up and other organizational tasks.


Organize your inbox by completing any of the tasks in the table.
Table 1. Tasks for organizing an inbox
Task Description
Use folders to organize your messages.
  • Perform folder tasks from a Mail view by clicking the arrow next to Move to folder icon in the action bar and then making your selection.
  • To refresh the unread count for a folder, mouse over the folder name, and then click the refresh icon that displays after the folder name.
Mark selected messages or all messages as read or unread, without opening the message.
  1. Select one or more messages by clicking them. To select multiple messages, hold down the Ctrl key, and then click each message you want to mark as read or unread.
  2. Click the arrow next to Mark As, and select Read or Unread.
Note: You can also set a preference to mark messages as read after they are viewed in the Preview Pane. Go to Preferences > Mail > Display.
Establish a Move and Close folder to save, close, and file messages with one click.
Note: You must first designate a folder in your Mail preferences.
  • From the Inbox, select a message and then select Move to <Foldername> Folder.
  • From an open message, select Default Move and Close.
Mark a mail message with a star icon to indicate that the message requires follow-up action. These messages are added to the Follow Up view.
Note: Set Follow-up defaults by clicking Preferences. Then expand Mail and click Follow Up.
  1. From the Inbox or a folder, select an existing message or create a new one to mark for follow up.
  2. Click the arrow next to Quick star icon and arrow and then choose Add or Edit Star to specify or change follow-up settings, or choose Quick Star to mark the message using the follow-up defaults.