Kerberos configuration file location -KCFL (-KERBEROSCONFIGFILELOCATION)

Use the -KCFL command to specify the location of the Kerberos configuration file.

Applicable when the -KP adapter command is set. Use this adapter command only for testing and debugging. The preferred way for specifying the location of this file is by providing the JVM parameter for the Java process in which the adapter runs. When the adapter command is used, the adapter sets system property each time it initializes the connection client to HDFS and it applies to the entire JVM process. This is important for cases with multiple threads or multiple adapters running in the JVM. In such cases, operation might be affected by the value of this system property. Each time this system property is set, it becomes the active value for all threads and adapters running in the JVM. The name of this file is typically, krb5.conf.