Google Pub / Sub Adapter

The Google Cloud Pub/Sub adapter provides access to Google Cloud Pub/Sub topics and subscriptions in the Google Cloud Platform.

The adapter supports the following features:
  • Testing the configured connection by authenticating the user and attempting to list the available topics.
  • Discovering available topics and subscriptions of the pull kind.
  • Authenticating the user using the specified service account credentials file, or automatically by the environment.
  • Reading messages from the specified pull subscription, with the option to create the subscription if it does not exist already.
  • Option to specify message deadline when creating a new subscription, and separately for the messages retrieved from a subscription.
  • Option to acknowledge retrieved messages immediately, never, of when committing the source transaction.
  • Option to specify number of messages to poll per request.
  • Logical message mode, where multiple Pub/Sub messages are treated as a single logical message.
  • Lets you write messages to the specified topic with the option to create the topic automatically if it does not exist.
  • Option to batch messages locally before publishing them to the Pub/Sub service.
  • Option to specify the publish timeout.
  • Configuring the adapter as a listener for triggering flows based on the arrival of messages on the specified pull subscription.