Excel Adapter

The Excel Adapter reads data from and maps data to a sheet in a Microsoft Excel workbook. In Design Studio, use the Excel importer (File > Import > Excel) to create a type tree based on a specified worksheet in the Excel workbook.

Excel Adapter command aliases

Use EXCEL as the adapter command alias on input and output card overrides and in GET and PUT rules. For example:
Input source override execution command -IAEXCEL card_num
Output target override execution command -OAEXCEL card_num

Inbound adapter example

Command line: -W Sheet1 -T

GET rule: =PARSE(GET("EXCEL", "-W Sheet1 -T", Input))

Inbound mapping rules are likely to be based on row number and the EXTRACT function:

Figure 1. Inbound mapping rules based on row number and EXTRACT function
Screen capture of inbound mapping rules

Outbound mapping rules can be index-based. RowNumber indicates where to insert the data.

Figure 2. Index-based outbound mapping rules using RowNumber
Screen capture of outbound mapping rules