HL7 MLLP Adapter

The HL7 MLLP adapter uses the MLLP protocol over TCP/IP to pass data to and from HCL Link. The adapter has a listener interface that can detect the arrival of data on a socket and trigger a map to run. With the HL7 MLLP adapter, remote applications can pass data to HCL Link without using additional middleware software.

The HL7 MLLP adapter is implemented as a dynamic-link library (DLL) on Microsoft Windows platforms (m4mllp.dll) and as a shared object on UNIX platforms (m4mllp.sl or m4mllp.so). The schemas that are supplied with the HCL Link Pack for HL7 define the message format.

The adapter supports:
  • Conversations
  • Client or server mode
The adapter provides these functions:
  • Gets one or more messages from a socket for input to HCL Link
  • Puts a message to a socket as output from HCL Link
  • Listens for messages and triggers maps to run as messages arrive