Congratulations on your selection of HCL Link as your data integration solution!

HCL Link is a powerful, transaction-oriented, data integration solution that enables the development of high-volume, complex transactions without the need for hand-coding.

HCL Link provides an easy-to-use browser-based development environment and supports centralized team-based development of integration solutions. The development environment makes it easy to create data flows and transformations of any complexity, and to deploy these to a runtime server. HCL Link supports running in native, Docker or Kubernetes environments.

Data integrations can be invoked by use of REST APIs, that run on a scheduled basis, or can be triggered upon a variety of events, such as the arrival of a message on a queue, or the creation of a file. HCL Link provides a large set of adapters that interface to databases, applications, APIs, messaging middleware and other technologies. A typical integration may read data from one or more sources, transform and merge data, and output the results to one or more target resources.

At its core, HCL provides industry-leading transformation capabilities supporting transformation of any kinds of data, with native support for JSON, XML or any kind of proprietary data. Transformation maps can be as simple as field-to-field mapping, but the powerful capabilities of HCL Link offer limitless capabilities to define complex transformations.