Azure Service Bus adapter as a source

When the adapter is used as a source in a map, it receives messages from the specified queue or the subscription.

To act as a data source in a map, the adapter can be utilized as an input card in the map or it can be specified in the GET map function. The number of messages to retrieve and the maximum time to wait for new message to arrive can be specified. When either of the conditions is met, the adapter stops receiving and reporting new messages.

The adapter supports three ways for receiving messages:
  • Browse: To browse messages without deleting them.
  • Peek Lock: To lock the messages and delete them from the queue or subscription at the successful completion of the transaction.
  • Receive and Delete: To delete the messages immediately from the queue or subscription at the time of their retrieval. The adapter supports the use of message sessions for receiving the messages from the session-aware queues or topics/subscriptions.