The Azure Service Bus adapter is used to send and receive messages from the Azure Service Bus queues and topics.

The messages can be JSON, XML, CSV messages, or of any other format, which must be captured in the schema specified when defining the adapter inputs and outputs.

The Azure Service Bus adapter supports the following features:
  • Data is transferred between different applications and services using messages.
  • Allows you to test and configured the connection.
  • You need to authenticate the specified connection string URL of the endpoint for the adapter to access.
  • The topic and subscriptions enables 1:n relationships between publishers and subscribers, allowing subscribers to select particular messages from a published message stream.
  • You can also use queues and topics to send and receive messages.
  • You need to create the subscription in the topic on the portal first to read messages from the specified pull subscription.
  • Lets you write messages to the specified topic after you create the topic in the portal.