Transfer file (-F or -FILE)

By default, data is written through pipes (standard input for a source, standard output for a target). You can use the Transfer File adapter command (-F or -FILE) to specify a temporary holding file where the adapter can place its output data or obtain its input data. If a file name is not specified, the adapter will automatically generate a file name, which is passed as part of the command line to the batch file or shell script.

For example, doit.bat is called as doit.bat transferfile.tmp. If the process has not finished within the timeout period as specified with the Poll Process adapter command (-POLL), the file is not deleted.

For an input, on process completion, the content of the transfer file is used for the source data for the specified input card.

-FILE [transfer_file]
Specify the name of the transfer file.

For an input, the file name can include wildcards. If wildcards are used, the contents of the multiple files are concatenated (without delimiters) to become the data for the input card.

For an output, wildcards cannot be used.