Return codes and error messages

Return codes and messages are returned when the particular activity completes. Return codes and messages may also be recorded as specified in the audit logs, trace files, execution summary files, and so on.

The following is a listing of all the codes and messages that can be returned as a result of using the Batch File and Shell Script adapters for sources or targets.

Note: Adapter return codes with positive numbers are warning codes that indicate a successful operation. Adapter return codes with negative numbers are error codes that indicate a failed operation.
Return Code
Insufficient memory to continue
Library Initialization Failed
Invalid Entry Point (AIX® adapters only)
Could not load adapter
Error Sending Data
Error Receiving Data
BATCH: Insufficient memory to continue
No data provided. Create on content specified: command not executed.
Command Still Executing (Applies to adapter target)
Incorrect Arguments
Error Writing Output Files
Error Reading Input Data
Insufficient Memory to Continue
Error Executing Command (Return Code XX) XX is return code from command
Command Still Executing (Applies to adapter source)
Internal Error: Resource Manager Error