What's new

Learn about the new and changed functions and features in HCL Link version

New adapter

A SAP BAPI Adapter has been added to enable invoking SAP BAPI functions from Link maps and flows.

Updates to adapters
Updates have been made to these adapters:
  • Amazon S3 Adapter - Updates to Readmode, Wildcard and Endpoint properties and commands.
  • Azure Service Bus Adapter - Updates have been made to add Pub/Sub mode functionality.
Enhanced Administration capabilities are added:
  • Keycloak – Support has been added for using Keycloak to manage users, rather than to use Link's build in user management. Keycloak is a single sign-on security application for web applications and RESTful web services. With the new capabilities, HCL Link Supports Keycloak as a solution for user administration and authorization.
  • Windows installer - Installation is now simplified through use of a new Windows installer.
  • OneDB - Instructions are included to assist you in using HCL OneDB as the Link repository database in place of MongoDB.
  • Added support for MongoDB replicas and other MongoDB configurations.
Enhanced Endpoint Definition

The ability to define schemas, examples and content type for flow terminals has been added. The Swagger generated for endpoints deployed with these details is now enhanced to display the schema, the example and correctly assign the content type for the request or response data.

Map and map node events

Map events include execution details, such as map name, elapsed execution time, adapter return codes and Error details. You can view Map Events using the Kibana Dashboard. The Link runtime installation includes a Kibana dashboard definition that is pre-configured to include Link Flow and Map events. You can import the dashboard definition from your Link installation.

Flow Nodes
New nodes are available:
  • JSON Read - Parse incoming JSON, and assign flow variables, or cache variables, to values of fields within JSON.
  • JSON Transformer - Transform incoming JSON to an output JSON specification.
  • Request Support interactions that send a request to a resource and receive a response.
  • Clone - Clone incoming data to multiple outputs.
  • Passthrough - A placeholder node that simply propogates input data.
Updates have been made to settings on these nodes:
  • Cache read
  • Cache write
  • Decision
  • Route
Flow Execution Logging and Audit

The flow execution tracing is consolidated in a single-trace. Adapter logging is available in the node's section of the flow audit.

Docker Images

Improvements have been made to significantly reduce the size of Link docker images.


Multiple enhancements are made to the Automapper to make it easier to use.

Online help

The product release notes, as well as the system requirements documentation are now available as part of this online help.

Service Builder
The following enhancements have been made to the Service Builder.
  • Separation of services and endpoints to facilitate improved sorting and searching.
  • Functionality to support composite endpoings
  • Clickable breadcrumbs are enabled for easier navigation within the Service Builder.
  • Added the ability to use service definitions from maps and actions.