Commands for the Batch File and Shell Script adapters

The following table lists valid commands for the Batch File and Shell Script adapters, the command syntax, and whether the command is supported (✓) for use with data sources, data targets, or both.

For each command in column 1, the row presents the command syntax (column 2) and whether the command can be used with data sources (column 3) or data targets (column 4).

Command Syntax Source Target
Audit (-A or -AUDIT)

-AUDIT[+][S] [full_path]

Command Line Interpreter (-CL or -CLI)


Command File (-C or -CMD)

-CMD batch_file_or_shell_script

Transfer File (-F or -FILE)

-FILE [transfer_file]

Inline Output (-I or -INLINE)


Poll Process (-P or -POLL)

-POLL count:interval

Show Mode (-S or -SHOW)

(Batch file adapter only)


Standard Input (-< or -STDIN) -STDIN "data"

Trace (-T or -TRACE)

-T[E][+][S|V] [full_path]