Excel Adapter

The Excel Adapter reads data from and maps data to a sheet in a Microsoft Excel workbook.

Excel Adapter command aliases

Use EXCEL as the adapter command alias on input and output card overrides and in GET and PUT rules. For example:
Input source override execution command -IAEXCEL card_num
Output target override execution command -OAEXCEL card_num

Inbound adapter example

Command line: -W Sheet1 -T

GET rule: =PARSE(GET("EXCEL", "-W Sheet1 -T", Input))

Inbound mapping rules are likely to be based on row number and the EXTRACT function:

Figure 1. Inbound mapping rules based on row number and EXTRACT function
Screen capture of inbound mapping rules

Outbound mapping rules can be index-based. RowNumber indicates where to insert the data.

Figure 2. Index-based outbound mapping rules using RowNumber
Screen capture of outbound mapping rules