Trace (-T or -TRACE)

Use the Trace adapter command (-T or -TRACE) to produce a diagnostics file that contains detailed information about Batch File and Shell Script adapters activity.

The default filename is,, or, depending on the option(s) you select. The trace file is created in the map directory unless otherwise specified.

-T[E][+][S|V] [full_path]
Produce a trace file containing only the adapter errors that occurred during map execution. The adapter trace file is produced by default in the map directory, using the full name of the map file with an .mtr filename extension (
Append trace information to the existing trace file.
Summary mode. Record only minimal information in the log file. This is the default value.
Verbose mode. Record in the log file all activity occurring while the adapter is retrieving data. If not specified, summary mode is assumed.
Creates a trace file with the specified name in the specified directory.
Note: Because summary mode is the default, using -TRACES provides the same output as-TRACE.