Viewing Activity Trends charts

You can view the latest available data and historical data charts of Activity Trends statistics. You can also set display options that customize the appearance of the charts. You can select servers and statistics to view, or you can select predefined server and statistic profiles.

About this task

You can also "drill down" for more information on any user or database statistic in the Latest Folder view. For example, to see which databases a user is accessing, select a user from the Latest Folder - User view and double-click the user's name; the Connection view displays a chart of that user's database use. You can modify its display when setting its options.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Server - Performance tab.
  2. Select the Activity Trends view.
  3. Select one of these views:
    • Latest folder - Server -- To view the set of data available for selected statistics on each selected server.
    • Latest folder - Database -- To view the databases on each selected server.
    • Latest folder - User -- To view the users statistics for all databases on the selected servers.
    • Latest folder - Connection -- To view information for a selected statistic from either the User or Database charts.
    • Historical folder -- Weekly
    • Historical folder -- Daily