Specifying the home portal account

To use features that require an IBM® WebSphere® Portal server, such as composite applications that contain portlets, IBM® Notes® users need a Home Portal account. The Home Portal account is a unique account that specifies which WebSphere® Portal server to connect to for features and composite applications that require a WebSphere® Portal server. You can set up a Home Portal account for users using policy, and Notes® users can create and edit the account using a preference panel.

After Notes® is installed and prior to using composite applications that contain portlets, or other features that require a WebSphere® Portal server, users need a Home Portal account. Home Portal account information is stored in the Contacts database.

Note: The standard portal URL format is http://host:port/wps/myportal where /wps is a standard portal context and /myportal is a standard personalized Home.

To specify a WebSphere® Portal server as the Home Portal account server for a Notes® user, you can set the following values using the IBM® Domino® Administrator client. These settings affect fields on the Notes® Home Portal Account preference page.

Administrators can use the Domino® Administrator client to complete the following fields on the Portal Server Basics tab for users who may, for example, need to access and use composite applications that contain portlets:

  • Home Portal Server -- Type the name of the Portal server that hosts Notes® user accounts.
  • Authentication URL -- Type the URL that Notes® users need to access in order to authenticate with the Portal server.
  • Authentication type -- Choose either J2EE-Form or HTTP for Web-based authentication.

These Domino® policy settings override Notes® account preferences and will create the account if it does not already exist.