Servers and clients to install and order of installation

Use this as a tool when installing servers and clients for IBM® Notes® users.

The servers to install include the following:

  • IBM Domino® server.
  • (Optional) IBM Sametime® server. Required if you want Sametime awareness and chat in the Notes client. For information, see the Sametime documentation.
  • (Optional) IBM Connections server. Required if you want to use Activities or Connections within Notes. For information, see the Connections documentation.
  • (Optional) IBM WebSphere® Portal server. Required if you want to use composite applications that contain portlets. For information, see the WebSphere Portal documentation.

The clients to install include the following:

  • Notes

    This provides Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and options including Composite Application Editor, Feed Reader, Connections (Activities), OpentSocial component and Sametime (integrated).

  • Domino Administrator and Domino Designer
    Note: These clients are only available on a supported Windows™ platform using the Notes Allclient install kit. The Notes multi-user install kit does not support installation of these additional clients. Notes install on the Linux™ and Mac OS X platforms support multi-user installation only.