Notes pre-installation checklist

Review this checklist before starting IBM® Notes® install or upgrade.


  1. Review the system requirements for software and hardware specifications in the related links.
  2. Read the platform-specific considerations topics listed in the related links.
  3. Determine how you want to install. For example, will users install the client themselves using an install kit or a Smart Upgrade procedure, will you use a silent install to deploy Notes to many users, will you install Notes users for a multi-user or single user environment, and if installing on Microsoft™ Windows™, will you use the Notes-only installer or the Allclient (Notes, IBM Domino® Administrator and IBM Domino Designer clients) installer.
  4. Optional: Configure Domino policy settings, NOTES.INI file settings, and other settings for users. See topics such as Policies, Pushing NOTES.INI settings or location document settings, and Pushing Eclipse preference settings.
  5. Optional: Modify the Notes install kit, and optionally use an MSI tuner to create and use a transform file, to specify which install features and methods will be available as part of the install procedure.
  6. Optional: Install or upgrade your IBM Connections server if you will be enabling users to access activity documents from Notes. For Connections server setup, see Connections documentation.
  7. Put the Notes install kit in an accessible location.
  8. Uninstall any Notes beta instances.
  9. Shut down all applications before installing or upgrading to this release of Notes, including anti-virus software.
  10. Install Notes on the user client systems or communicate to users how they are to install the new Notes release.