Notes® pre-installation checklist

Review this checklist before starting IBM® Notes® install or upgrade.


  1. Review the system requirements for software and hardware specifications in the related links.
  2. Read the platform-specific considerations topics listed in the related links.
  3. Determine how you want to install. For example, will users install the client themselves using an install kit or a Smart Upgrade procedure, will you use a silent install to deploy Notes® to many users, will you install Notes® users for a multi-user or single user environment, and if installing on Microsoft Windows, will you use the Notes-only installer or the Allclient (Notes®, IBM® Domino® Administrator and IBM® Domino® Designer clients) installer.
  4. Optional: Configure Domino® policy settings, NOTES.INI file settings, and other settings for users. See topics such as Policies, Pushing NOTES.INI settings or location document settings, and Pushing Eclipse preference settings.
  5. Optional: Modify the Notes® install kit, and optionally use an MSI tuner to create and use a transform file, to specify which install features and methods will be available as part of the install procedure.
  6. Optional: Install or upgrade your IBM® Connections server if you will be enabling users to access activity documents from Notes®. For Connections server setup, see Connections documentation.
  7. Put the Notes® install kit in an accessible location.
  8. Uninstall any Notes® beta instances.
  9. Shut down all applications before installing or upgrading to this release of Notes®, including anti-virus software.
  10. Install Notes® on the user client systems or communicate to users how they are to install the new Notes® release.