Considerations for installing and upgrading Notes® on Windows

Mail, calendar, and contact features are installed with IBM® Notes®, including traditional Notes® functionality. Additional sidebar applications can also be installed, as can the IBM® Domino® Administrator and Designer clients.

Notes® is available as an install kit. You can install Notes® in graphical mode, silent mode, and by using Smart Upgrade or another MSI deployment tool.

You can install Notes® on Windows as single user or multi-user.

Installation or upgrade of Domino® Designer and Domino® Administrator clients is available for single user install using the Allclient kit.

The install kit for Notes® install on a Windows client consists of the following items:

  • Installation program executable file (setup.exe)
  • Zipped update site directory (contains features folder, plugins folder and site.xml file)
  • Deploy directory (contains the install manifest (install.xml) and plugin_customization.ini)
  • Setup file setup.ini
  • IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition.msi

If Notes® is detected on the client, the installation program will upgrade it to the current Notes® release. If you are running a version of Notes® that was released prior to Notes® 6.5, upgrade to at least Notes® 6.5 before installing and upgrading to this Notes® release.

If an existing version of Domino® Designer or Domino® Administrator is resident, you can upgrade them using the Allclient installation kit.

Windows Vista users: If you are installing or upgrading Notes® on the Windows Vista platform, see Windows Vista: Considerations for Notes® install and upgrade in the related links for information about enabling and using the UAC ON setting.

Additional considerations are as follows:

  • Shut down all applications before installing or upgrading to this release of Notes®, including anti-virus software.
  • If you have installed a Notes® Beta version, uninstall it before installing this Notes® version.
  • When installing Notes® you must be logged in as an administrative user or as a non-administrative user with elevated privileges. To install as a non-administrative user, an administrator should first run the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) and set install privileges to Always Install Elevated as noted in Step 1. Once these settings have been made, non-administrative users can then install, open, and use Notes®.

    From the Policy Group Editor [gpedit.msc] policy setting:

    1. Click Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Installer > Always Install Elevated.
    2. Click User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Installer > Always Install Elevated.
  • When installing on Windows Vista, the User Account Control (UAC) setting should be ON.
  • If you plan to use Notes® shared login, do not select Client Single Logon Feature during installation.
  • On Windows Vista, you cannot upgrade a Notes® installation that was installed with UAC turned OFF to a Notes® installation that has UAC turned ON. You must first uninstall, set UAC ON, then run the current Notes® installer.
  • Shared network installation is not supported for Notes® standard configuration.
  • Installation and use of Notes® on a USB drive is not supported for Notes® standard configuration.
  • Notes® roaming user does not support switching a user ID, as noted in the user interface response.
  • At release, Notes® is available in US English. Additional language kits are made available shortly after release. See the language kit topics in this guide.
  • The install source path cannot contain any of the following characters:

    " | * ? < > ! # % ;

  • The install destination path cannot contain double-byte characters or any of the following characters:

    " | * ? < > ! # % ;

  • Only one instance of Notes® should be installed on a client at any given time.
  • If installation does not complete successfully, uninstall Notes® and reinstall. If uninstall is not successful, see Cleaning a previous or partial Notes® installation from your client in the related links.
  • The Notes® installer does not support upgrade from single user to multi-user during upgrade. See Using the Notes® single user to multi-user migration assistant tool in the related links.