Considerations for installing and upgrading Notes on Mac OS X

Mail, calendar, and contact features are installed with IBM® Notes®, including traditional Notes functionality. Additional features can also be installed.

The install kit for Notes on Apple Mac OS X consists of the following items:

  • Notes installation Meta-package (.mpkg)
  • Uninstaller application

Considerations are as follows:

  • The installation program will detect and upgrade an existing Notes installation to the current Notes installation.
  • If you are upgrading Notes, turn off all options in the Application Sharing tab of the Shared System Preferences page.
  • You can install Notes in a multi-user environment. Single user install is not supported.
  • Shut down all applications before installing or upgrading to this release of Notes, including anti-virus software.
  • Users must have administrator-level privileges to install.
  • Installation and use of Notes on a USB drive is not supported for Notes standard configuration.
  • Notes roaming user does not support switching a user ID, as noted in the user interface response.
  • The install source path cannot contain any of the following characters:

    : " < > ! # % ' = ;

  • The install destination path cannot contain any of the following characters:

    : " < > ! # % ' = ;