Specifying the character set to use when retrieving Web pages

Domino® uses the default character set and character set mapping selection to generate HTML text for the browser. If you have international users who need to see text in nonwestern languages, you need to make changes to the settings. The character set setting affects all databases on the server.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab, expand the Web section and click Internet Sites.
  2. Choose the Web Site document you want to edit and click Edit Document.
  3. Click the Domino Web Engine tab and complete these fields:
    Table 1. Character Set Mapping fields



    Default character set group

    A character set group to allow users to choose their preferred character set when they create or edit documents. The default is Western.

    Convert resource strings to

    A language to use for messages, HTML for default search pages, and static strings in pages. You can choose a language other than English only for international versions of the Domino® server that have translated text. The default is English.

    Use UTF-8 for output

    Choose one:

    • Yes -- To generate pages using UTF-8.
    • No (default) -- To generate pages using the character set mapping you select.

    Use auto-detection if database has no language information

    Choose one:

    • Yes -- To detect automatically the language to use for the database if no default language is selected on the Design tab of the Database Properties box.
    • No (default) -- To use the language specified by the Use UTF-8 for output field.

    If the language is specified for a database on the Design tab of the Database Properties box, Domino® uses that language for text in the database.

    Character set in header

    Choose one:

    • Yes (default) -- To add the character set to the Content-Type HTTP header of an HTML page. If you select Yes, then the browser finds the character set before rendering the page.
    • No -- To exclude the characters from the HTTP header of an HTML page. Use this option if you use early versions of browsers that do not understand the character set tag in the HTTP header.

    Meta character set

    Choose one:

    • Yes -- To add the character set to the <META> tag of an HTML page. This option lets you save the character set information when you save an HTML file on a server or on your hard disk.
    • No (default) -- To exclude the character set from the <META> tag of an HTML page.
  4. In the fields that display the character set group names, select one of the available choices for character set mapping.
  5. Save the document.