Finding links with the Redirect URL command

You use the Redirect URL command to create anchor, document, view, and database links on a Web page. These links and the links for domain search results can direct users to a database on the same server or another server. Enable this option on any server that runs the domain search and on servers for which you want to resolve links to other servers.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab, expand the Web section, and click Internet Sites.
  2. Choose the Web Site document you want to edit, and click Edit Document.
  3. Click Domino Web Engine. Under Conversion/Display, complete the Redirect to resolve external links field:
    • Disabled(default) -- To prevent the server from accepting Redirect URL commands and to prevent the server from generating Redirect URL commands as a result of a domain search.
    • By Server-- To look up the server name specified in the URL in the Domino® Directory on the Web server. The Web server searches for the server name in both the Host names field on the Internet Protocols - HTTP tab or in the Fully qualified Internet host name field on the Basics tab.
    • By Database -- To find the database in the Domino® Directory on any available server. Domino® locates the database in the domain catalog, if available, or in the server's local catalog. Make sure the domain catalog contains up-to-date information on the location of databases. By choosing this option, resolving links take more time than the By Server option since the Web server searches for the database on an available server, instead of just the server presented in the URL. The By Database option however, may resolve more links since the Web server tries to resolve the link using a replica of the database on servers in addition to the server presented in the URL. Use this option on the server that runs the domain search so more links are resolved for the user.
    Note: Since the options By Server and By Database both rely on the information in the Domino® Directory, make sure the server information in the Domino® Directory is complete and correct.

    For information on the Redirect URL command, see IBM® Domino® Designer 9.0.1 Social Edition Help.