Setting up session authentication for Web Site documents

You can enable session-based name-and-password authentication for a Web site document. Web clients must use a browser that supports cookies. You can customize an HTML login form for users to enter their credentials, address multiple login prompts, allow logout using the ?logout URL or formula, and log user sessions.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab, expand the Web section, and click Internet Sites.
  2. Choose the Web Site document you want to edit, and click Edit Document.
  3. Click the Domino Web Engine tab. Under HTTP Sessions, in the Session authentication field, do one of the following:
    • Select Multiple Servers (SSO) to allow a Web user to log on once to a Domino® server, then access any other Domino® server in the same domain without logging on again. Under Web SSO configuration, enter the name of the Web SSO configuration document.
    • Select Single Server to use cookies for a single server only. This option applies only when users access this Web site. Under Idle session timeout, enter the time (in minutes) when the cookie will expire and the session will be deactivated. Default is 30 minutes.
    • Choose Disabled (default) to prevent cookies from being used by the Domino® server for authentication.
  4. In the Maximum active sessions field, enter the maximum number of active, concurrent user sessions on the server. Default is 1000.
  5. Save the document.