Setting up language preferences

The Web server uses language string resource modules to render Web pages in different languages. The Domino® Web server can support multiple languages and be configured to handle them on the fly.

About this task

The language in which a Web server generates a Web page is based on the Accept-Language setting in the headers of client HTTP requests. For example, a Web server with English and French resource modules will generate a Web page in French if a Web client sends an HTTP request with Accept-Langage:fr (French) in its headers.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, choose Configuration > Web > Internet Sites.
  2. Choose the Web Site document you want to edit and click Edit Document.
  3. Click Domino Web Engine. Under Web User Preferences, complete these fields:
    • Default string resource language - Use this setting to select the default language string resource module for Web clients who do not send Accept-Language information with HTTP requests, or for cases in which the languages specified in the Accept-Language header are not in the languages available on the server.
    • Additional string resource languages - Use this setting to select the additional string resource languages that are installed on the server.