Configuring HTML, CGI, icon, and Java files for Web Site documents

IBM® Domino® looks for individual HTML, CGI, and icon files in specific directories on the server's hard drive. You can change the URL path for icons and CGI program files. The URL path is where Domino® looks for icons or CGI programs when it encounters a reference in the HTML code to one of these.

About this task

Specifying icon and CGI URL paths is useful if you change the directory location of icons or CGI programs and you do not want to modify HTML code that references the previous location of these files.

You need to add an extension to the file name for any files stored in the server CGI directory in order to be able to execute them. For example, .exe must be added to the file names for executable files, .pl must be added to the file names for Perl programs, and so on.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, choose Configuration > Web > Internet Sites.
  2. Choose the Web Site document you want to edit and click Edit Document.
  3. Click Configuration. Under Default Mapping Rules, complete these fields:
    Table 1. Default mapping rule options



    Home URL

    Enter the URL command to perform when users access the Web site without specifying a resource -- for example, the user just requests:

    Usually the home URL points to the Web site's home page -- for example:


    HTML directory

    Specify the directory that will be used to find HTML files if a URL does not specify a path -- for example:
    The default directory is domino\html. The path can be relative to the Domino® data directory, such as domino\myhtml, or it can be fully qualified, such as c:\websites\html.

    Icon directory

    Enter the directory where icon files are located. You can specify the path for the icon directory using either the fully qualified path or a relative path. Default is domino\icons.

    Icon URL path

    Enter the URL path that is used to map to the icon directory. The default is /icons.

    For example, the URL


    returns the file c:\domino\data\domino\icons\abook.gif.

    CGI directory

    Enter the default directory where CGI programs are located. The default is domino\cgi-bin.

    CGI URL path

    Enter the URL path that is used to map to the default CGI directory. The default is cgi-bin.

    For example, the URL


    runs the CGI program c:\domino\data\domino\cgi-bin\

    Java applet directory

    Enter the directory where the Domino® Java applets are located. The default is domino\java.

    Java URL path

    Enter the URL path that is used to access files in the default Java directory. The default is /domjava.

What to do next

Note: If you are using the Web Server Configuration view, open the Server document, choose Internet Protocols > HTTP, and complete the fields in the Mapping section.