Planning the Domain Index

Because the initial process of spidering databases and file systems and creating a full-text index for an entire Domino® domain can take days or even weeks, it is important to plan carefully before starting the indexing server. The more you have thought about what data sources should be indexed, how they should be categorized in the Domain Catalog and search form, and how much space your Domain Index requires, the less work you will have to do.

About this task

Indexing unnecessary databases causes users' search results to be less meaningful, takes up space on the server, and adds time to the indexing process, which indexes about 700MB to 1GB of information per hour, depending on hardware and the content being indexed. At a minimum, avoid indexing the following types of databases: Administration Requests databases, database catalogs, database libraries, Event message databases, log databases, mail databases, portfolio databases, and server statistics databases.

Here is a methodology for planning the Domain Index.


  1. Use the Domain Catalog to control settings for which databases to index.
  2. Optional: Use the Domain Catalog to control settings for which file systems to index.
  3. Optional: Estimate the size of the Domain Index.
  4. Optional: Prevent attachments from being indexed.
  5. Use the Domino® Administrator to assign each database to be indexed to one or more categories in the Domain Catalog and the search form.
  6. Analyze any security issues that implementing Domain Search in your organization might raise.