Creating and updating the Domain Index

The indexing server relies on the Domain Catalog to tell it which databases and file systems to include in the Domain Index. You use the Server document to enable the Domain Indexer task and set a schedule for it to run. By default, the Domain Indexer task runs once an hour.

Before you begin

If you have Web clients, make sure you have set up the indexing server, as well as each server to be spidered by the indexer, as a IBM® Domino® Web server. Also, make sure you have created the Domain Catalog on the indexing server.
Note: The Catalog task that creates the Domain Catalog must have finished before you start the Domain Indexer task.


  1. From the Domino Administrator, select the server that you want to be the indexing server.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Expand the Server section in the view pane.
  4. Click Current Server Document.
  5. Click Edit Server, and then click the Server Tasks > Domain Indexer tab.
  6. In the Schedule field, select Enabled.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Set the indexing schedule to meet the needs of your organization.
  9. In the Limit domain wide indexing to the following servers field, select the servers that you want to include in the index. Use wildcard characters to index all servers certified with a specific certifier -- for example */Sales/East/Renovations. If the field is blank (default), the Domain Indexer indexes all databases for which the Include in multi database indexing property is enabled.
  10. If you have Web clients, do the following to allow the indexing server to form valid URLs when the results of a search are displayed in a browser:
    1. Click the Internet Protocols > HTTP tab.
    2. For the host name, enter the fully qualified name of the computer that serves as the indexing server, for example,
    3. Click the Domino Web Engine tab.
    4. Under Generating References to this Server, enter the information for the indexing server. Make sure you use the server's fully qualified domain name in the Host name field.
    5. Under Conversion/Display, in the Redirect to resolve external links field, select By Database.

      Selecting By Database allows the indexing server to resolve more URLs for users. If the indexing server cannot resolve the database link in a URL, it checks with the Domain Catalog to locate a replica of the database.

  11. Click Save and Close.
  12. Restart the server by entering this command:
    restart server


The Domain Indexer runs when next scheduled.

Note: The indexing server must complete the initial indexing pass before users can perform searches. Check the Domain Indexer Status view in the Domain Catalog to be sure the initial pass is complete.