Setting up Web users for Domain Search

For Web users to have access to Domain Search functionality, the indexing server, as well as all the servers being spidered by the indexer, must be set up as Domino® Web servers.

About this task

When you are ready to roll out Domain Search to Web users, the Web application developer must add to the site's home page a link to the search form, which is contained in the Domain Catalog on the indexing server.

To see for yourself what performing a domain search is like for a browser user, you can use a URL command in your browser to simulate such a link. Enter the following command in your browser, substituting the common name of your indexing server for servername:


When the search form displays, you can define your search. If you have properly configured the indexing server and the servers holding the data, your search results display links that can be successfully followed to each document found.