Defining default settings for Notes® user registration

Before you register new Notes® users, you can specify default settings that apply to all users. Default settings simplify user registration and ensure user settings consistency. You can define many default settings, such as what mail server users have or what certifier ID to use for user registration. You can also specify a default workstation execution control list (ECL) to protect data from unauthorized workstation access.

About this task

To set up Notes® users, you can register them in Notes® or migrate them from an external mail system or directory. Before you begin to add users, it is best to specify default settings that Notes® applies during registration.

To add users, you register them and use the Domino® server-based certification authority which issues the appropriate certificate or use the appropriate certifier ID and password, which generates a user ID and certificates that allow users appropriate system access. After registering Notes® users, you need to prepare the installation files so users can install Notes® on their workstations.

To define default settings, use any of the following tasks:


  1. Create a Registration Policy Settings document to define default user registration settings.
  2. Create a Desktop Policy Settings document define both your desktop policy settings and your setup policy settings.
  3. Create a default workstation execution control list (ECL) to set up workstation security.
  4. Specify default user registration settings in Administration Preferences.
  5. Specify default user settings in the Register Person dialog box.