Customizing Domain Search forms

Domain Search includes several default forms, including forms for searching, specifying file systems, and presenting results. Both the search and results forms can be customized to suit organization-specific needs. An application developer can, for example, add a corporate logo to either form, or rearrange the fields.

For more information on customizing forms, see the topic Customizing search forms in IBM® Domino® Designer 9.0.1 Social Edition Help.

The developer can create additional search forms, and you can use desktop policy settings (for existing users) to provide bookmarks to the new forms to users. For example, users might use one form to search only Human Resources databases, or use another form to store searches for future use. The bookmarks for search forms appear in the user's More Bookmarks folder.

When viewing a Domain Search results form, it can be helpful to know where the Domain Indexer finds the document titles that it displays in the results. The Indexer checks each document for the following IBM® Notes® client fields or items that might represent the document's title: Title, Subject, Headline, and Topic field; window title (as designated by the developer of that IBM® Domino® application); and view summary (using the default form and default view). If the Indexer can't find any of these items, Document has no title is displayed in the results.

Note: Computing the window title for large numbers of documents requires CPU utilization. You can omit this computation by adding the following setting in the indexing server's NOTES.INI file: FT_No_Compwintitle=1

In file systems such as Microsoft Office, the title and author are extracted from the document properties fields. For HTML files, TITLE and AUTHOR tags are used.