Creating additional network ports for NetBIOS

After you run the IBM® Domino® Server Setup program, you can create network segments for multiple NetBIOS interfaces on the same computer by adding an IBM® Notes® network port for NetBIOS for each additional NIC.

In addition to adding each port for NetBIOS, do the following:

  • Associate each Notes® network port for NetBIOS with a specific NetBIOS interface by defining a LANA identifier for each port.
  • Make sure that all Domino® servers that will access each other have an interface that uses a common transport protocol. It is best if they are also in the same Notes® named network.
  • Make sure that the network segments to which the server system's NICs are attached do not have a pathway in common. The NetBIOS name service (NetBIOS over IP) can fail if it detects the same system name or Domino® name echoing back between the pathways. If you are using both the NetBIOS name service and DNS or a hosts file for name resolution, make sure that the server name in DNS or the hosts file is different from the system name.