Defining a NetBIOS LANA number for a Notes® network port

To run NetBIOS on a server, after you complete the Server Setup program, you must determine the NetBIOS LANA number to which the Notes® network port will be bound. The NetBIOS LANA number is a logical number that represents a NetBIOS transport protocol stack on a NIC. You must know which transport protocol Notes® workstations and other Domino® servers are using for NetBIOS within your workgroup or company.

About this task

If the computer running the Domino® server has more than one NIC running the same protocol stack, you must define a different NetBIOS LANA number for each Notes® network port for NetBIOS.

NetBIOS systems using the same transport protocol should be in the same Notes® named network. If you create Connection documents on the server, the LAN port you select must also be for the same transport protocol.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator or Web Administrator, click the server for which you want to define a LANA number.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Do one of these:
    • From the Domino® Administrator's Tools pane, select Server > Setup Ports.
    • From the Web Administrator's Port tool, select Setup.
  4. Select the portname port, where portname is the name of the NetBIOS port for which you are defining a LANA number.
  5. Click Portname Options, and select Manual.
  6. Enter the correct LANA number.
  7. Click OK.

To find the LANA number for a NetBIOS protocol on a Windows XP or 2000 system

About this task

A Microsoft Windows XP or 2000 system does not have a direct means to see the LANA associations. For Windows XP or 2000 systems you can either review the system's registry bindings or use a Microsoft tool called LANACFG to see and change the LANA number assignments.

The following is an example of the tool's output from a Windows 2000 server.

lanacfg [options]
showlanapaths - Show bind paths and component descriptions for each exported lana
setlananumber - Change the lana number of a bind path
rewritelanainfo - Verify and write out lana info to the registry
showlanadiag - Show lana diagnostic info

From the DOS prompt, enter

C:\>lanacfg showlanapaths

You see the following:

Lana:   4
-->NetBEUI Protocol-->3Com EtherLink III ISA (3C509/3C509b) in Legacy mode
Lana:   7
-->NetBEUI Protocol-->WAN Miniport (NetBEUI, Dial Out)
Lana:   3
-->NWLink NetBIOS
Lana:   0
-->WINS Client(TCP/IP) Protocol-->Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)-->3Com EtherLink III ISA (3C509/3C509b) in Legacy mode