Domino® and networks

A variety of client systems can use wireless or wired technology to communicate with Domino® servers over local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and metropolitan area networks (MANs). For example, Notes® workstations and Domino® servers use the Notes® remote procedure call (NRPC) protocol running over the LAN's network protocol to communicate with other Domino® servers. Other client systems, such as Web browsers, Internet mail clients, wireless application protocol (WAP) devices, and personal information management (PIM) devices, can also communicate with Domino® servers.

Note: Support for dialup modem (X.PC) connections is available only on Domino® servers running pre-8.5 releases.

If you are planning a network for geographically dispersed locations, consider how to achieve a cost-effective infrastructure. Placing servers in one location requires that users in other locations access the Domino® server across WAN connections, which can be slow and expensive. Placing servers in every location and replicating databases to make the same information available on several LANs requires attention to administration at each location. One effective way to set up a network is to use a hub server at each location to handle communication with hub servers in other locations. Then, only the hub servers, not every server in the network, use WAN connections.