Fine-tuning network port setup on a server

After you install and set up a Domino® server, review the list of network ports that were enabled by the Server Setup program. Unless you customize network settings during setup, Domino® enables ports based on the current operating system configuration. To conserve system resources, disable the ports for protocols that you do not need.

To perform any of the tasks described in the related topics, you begin by using the Domino® Administrator's Tools pane. Then, you return to the Ports > Notes Network Ports tab in the Server document to complete the changes to the server's network port setup.

Use Domino® Administrator to make these changes to a server's network port setup:

  • Disable a network port
  • Enable a network port
  • Add a network port
  • Rename a network port
  • Reorder network ports
  • Delete a network port
  • Encrypt network data on a port
  • Compress network data on a port
Note: On a Notes® workstation, you use the User Preferences dialog box to change port setup.