Adding a network port on a server

Create a Connection document in Notes® if the IBM® Notes® workstation already has a port in common with the server and you still cannot connect to it. If the server port you want to add will be the Notes® workstation's only means of connecting with the server, do not use this procedure. Instead, use the Ports setting in the server's NOTES.INI file.


  1. From the IBM® Domino® Administrator or Web Administrator, click the server on which you want to add a port.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Do one of these:
    • From the Domino® Administrator's Tools pane, choose Server > Setup Ports.
    • From the Web Administrator's Port tool, choose Setup.
  4. Click New.
  5. Specify the port name and driver, and click OK.
  6. Click TCP/IP Options, LANx Options, or COMx Options, and specify information as appropriate.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click the Server > Status tab.
  9. Do one of these so that the change takes effect:
    • From the Domino® Administrator's Tools pane, choose Restart Port. (If you can't see the Tools pane, make sure you are in the Server Tasks view.)
    • From the Web Administrator's Ports tool, choose Restart.
  10. In the Server document, click the Ports > Notes Network Ports tab, and edit these fields as necessary:
    Table 1. Fields Used to Set Up Network Ports for Notes®




    Enter the port name. Domino® assigns a default port name to each network protocol detected on the system.

    Notes® Network

    Enter the name of the Notes® named network for the group of Domino® servers that are in this location and run on a particular protocol -- for example, Boston TCPIP. Space characters are allowed in a Notes® network name.

    Net Address

    Enter the protocol-specific name of the server -- for example, The name you use depends on the convention of the network protocol. This field is used to determine the address that other servers use to access this server.


    Choose Enabled so that other servers will know the port is enabled.

  11. Save the Server document.
  12. Make sure that this server is set up to replicate its Domino® Directory to other servers, or enter the preceding changes to the Server document on a server that is set up to do the replication, or other servers will not know that they can connect to this server over the newly enabled port.

    If you are adding an additional TCP/IP port on a computer with multiple NICs, see the Binding topics in the related information. If you are adding an additional NetBIOS port on a computer with multiple NICs, see the information about creating additional network ports for NetBIOS.