Binding an NRPC port to an IP address

By default, all TCP/IP-based services on an IBM® Domino® server listen for network connections on all NICs and on all configured IP addresses on the server. If you have enabled more than one Notes® network port for TCP/IP (TCP port for NRPC) on either a single Domino® server or a Domino® partitioned server, you must associate the NRPC ports and IP addresses by binding each port to an address.

About this task

When setting the NOTES.INI variables for port mapping, do not include a zone in a port mapped address. The zone is only valid locally.

Note: Do not change the assigned TCP port number unless you have a way to redirect the inbound connection with Domino® port mapping or a firewall that has port address translation (PAT).


  1. For each IP address, make sure you have added a Notes® port TCP/IP. Also make sure that each port has a unique name.
  2. In the NOTES.INI file, confirm that these lines appear for each port that you added:
    Ports=TCPIPportnameTCPIPportname=TCP, 0, 15, 0

    Where TCPIPportname is the port name you defined.

  3. For each port that you want to bind to an IP address, add this line to the NOTES.INI file:

    Where IPaddress is the IP address of the specific NIC.

    For example:

    Note: Because IPv6 addresses include colons, you must enclose the address in brackets. For example:
  4. Optional: To help you later remember the function of each port, add the default TCP port number for NRPC to the end of the line you entered in Step 3, as follows: