Statistic Collector task

The Statistic Collector task, formerly known as the Collector task, gathers statistics for one or more servers in a domain and, by default, creates statistic reports in the Monitoring Results database (STATREP.NSF).

There are two ways to set up statistic collection. You can start the Statistic Collector task on each server, which then collects its own statistics and creates reports in the local Monitoring Results database. Or you can start the Statistic Collector on one server that you set up to collect statistics from one or more servers and create reports in a specified Monitoring Results database.

For example, if you use one designated server to collect statistics from other servers, you start the Statistic Collector task only on that server and create a Server Statistic Collection document to identify the servers from which to collect statistics. Reports are created in the Monitoring Results database (STATREP.NSF) on the designated server.

The Statistic Collector task loads automatically on a server if it is in the task line of the NOTES.INI file.

In the Domino® Administrator, the Statistic Collector starts when you start the Domino® server monitor, when you chart real-time statistics, or when you access the Server > Statistic tab. You can also set a Monitoring Administration Preference so that the Statistic Collector task starts automatically when you start the Domino® Administrator. The Statistic Collector task continually adds new servers from which it gathers statistics as you monitor or chart statistics from additional servers.

For example, in the Domino® server monitor, if you begin monitoring the servers in the Renovations1monitoring profile, the Collector task begins collecting statistics from the servers listed in the Renovations1 profile. Then if you switch to charting and chart the statistics in the RenovationsEast statistics profile, the Statistic Collector task simply adds the servers in the RenovationsEast statistics profile to the list of servers from which it is gathering statistics. It does not stop gathering statistics from the servers in the first group you monitored in the Renovations1 profile.