Server statistics and replication status

One of many types of server statistics are the replication statistics that indicate the status of replication attempts that occur on the Domino® server.

About this task

To view the server statistics, including those pertaining to replication, type this command at the server console:

Show stat

The server console displays a list of all server statistics that are collected on your server. The following replication-related statistics may appear:

Table 1. Replication-related statistics




The destination note sequence is actually higher than the source. Domino® will assume a replication merge happened here and update the source as well


If the NSF Database is the source database


There is a possible replication conflict; or Domino® could not find a corresponding item for an incremental note, therefore domino can't perform an incremental update and will try again with a full note open.


If the NSF Database is the destination database